Crawford and Burke Square Off

The internal feuds bedeviling the opposition People’s National Party over its surprising election defeat have spilled into the public domain once again.

PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, and former PNP MP, Damion Crawford, clashed on Nationwide 90FM last night. Burke was a guest of Straight Forward With Damion Crawford.

It was a bruising hour long interview. Burke rebuffed Crawford’s attempts to have him resign for his role in the PNP defeat.

There’ve been tensions between Damion Crawford and the Burkes for months. Those tensions came to the fore last night in that interview of Paul Burke on Straight Forward with Damion Crawford on Nationwide 90FM.

Crawford put it to Burke that he’s avoiding being held accountable for the shock PNP election loss earlier this year.

Tempers flared as Crawford told Paul Burke that he should step aside immediately.

Burke argued that he’s being unfairly treated despite carrying the PNP near to victory in the closest national election in Jamaica’s history.

Mr. Burke argued that there are many persons who want him to remain in charge of the PNP secretariat.

They clashed again when Burke referred to Crawford as “that person”, and told the politician, turned talk show host that he, Crawford, must take blame for the PNP not being in power today.

Crawford hit back. Telling Burke that he was pretending not to know that PNP members were taking part in organized criminal activity in a bid to force him out of representational politics.

But Burke insisted that Crawford must take blame for the PNP election loss.

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