‘Crawford Stays’ as Caretaker for East Portland


The PNP’s Damion Crawford will remain the party’s caretaker for East Portland. PNP leader

President of the People’s National Party (PNP), Dr. Peter Phillips, made the announcement on Twitter a short while ago. He tweeted, “When they ask you what’s next for Crawford, tell them Damion Crawford stays.” The message continues, “Damion Crawford will remain the PNP’s standard bearer in East Portland. Forward Together. Stronger than ever.”

Last week, Crawford lost the by-election for East Portland to the JLP’s Ann-Marie Vaz by over 300 votes.

Crawford was ushered into the constituency just a few weeks earlier, following the murder of the Member of Parliament, the PNP’s Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield. The party had held the seat for some thirty years.

Although Crawford was able to generate a-thousand votes more than Dr. Bloomfield’s 2016 bid, it wasn’t enough to overcome the 3,000 additional votes, or 50% increase, for the Jamaica Labour Party.


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