Crawford to Contest North Trelawny?

Nationwide News understands that the de-selected East Rural St. Andrew MP, Damion Crawford, is being considered by the governing PNP as a possible replacement for Patrick Atkinson as the party’s candidate in Northern Trelawny for the next General Election

But PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, says the party has not discussed Mr. Crawford as a possible candidate for Northern Trelawny.

Our sources say Atkinson was forced out of Northern Trelawny following discontent with his performance by comrades. Among the disaffected comrades are at least two former Members of Parliament for the constituency.

It’s understood that senior PNP officers and strategists are considering Damion Crawford as a possible replacement for Mr. Atkinson.

The issue was discussed on the sidelines of the PNP retreat which ended this afternoon in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

A PNP executive member told our news center that Crawford, who was in attendance at the retreat, declined an offer from senior party members for him to be re-installed as the party’s candidate for East Rural St. Andrew.

Mr. Crawford is reportedly open to replacing Atkinson in Northern Trelawny. But Paul Burke says no discussion took place regarding Crawford succeeding the incumbent MP in Northern Trelawny.

Some members of the PNP’s Region 3 are reportedly against Crawford being given the chance to be the party’s new candidate for Northern Trelawny.

However, our sources say the popular first term MP is receiving the backing of influential forces in the PNP’s Region 1 where Northern Trelawny falls.

Businessman John-Paul White and Senate President Floyd Morris have also been mentioned as possible replacements for Patrick Atkinson.

Calls placed this afternoon to Crawford’s mobile phone went to voicemail.
The East Rural St. Andrew MP is reportedly off the island.

Crawford was defeated by businessman Peter Blake during a candidate selection exercise in East Rural St. Andrew a few weeks ago.

But Mr. Crawford’s defeat is not going down well among a number of PNP supporters who’ve called for him to be reinstated.

Some persons have also sighted Crawford’s defeat and the ousting of Raymond Pryce as a sign that the PNP is forcing out its young promising political talents.

3 thoughts on “Crawford to Contest North Trelawny?

  1. Bobbie Sharpe

    The pnp doesn’t need the Crawford’s/Pryce’s to win this election…They need the party base to come out & vote. Such individuals are fed & driven by corruption & criminality & the looting of public resources…!!! Thus the Redman, Blake et al…

  2. SorrellDrink

    This could be a blessing in disguise. If he wins this seat then he can introduce his education plan in this constituency. Education is the answer to Jamaica’s problems and the current generation is lost so we have to focus on the children.. the future… The NOW is a lost cause

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