CRH Renovation Projections Likely to Keep Rising, says Prof Gordon

Chairman of the Cornwall Regional Hospital oversight committee, Professor Archibald McDonald, says the most recent estimates for the completion of renovation work at the western-hospital, won’t be the final figure.

The independent oversight committee appointed by Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton to oversee the ongoing restoration work at the problem-plagued Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James, is now estimating repair work could cost up to $3.5-billion. That’s more than $1-billion higher than initial projections.

Initial projects done last year estimated the cost of the restoration work to be $2.2-billion.

Professor McDonald says it’s impossible to know the final figure until the work is closer to completion.

He says issues were discovered during the restoration work that cost the estimates to increase by about 50-percent.

Meanwhile Professor McDonald says it could cost up to $40-billion to build a new facility of a similar size the what is currently available. He says the hospital’s restoration is scheduled for completion by May next year.


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