Crime Stop Dismisses Claims of Decline in Quality of Tips

Crime Stop is dismissing a newspaper report that the quality of tips, it received last year has declined compared to those of the previous year.

A Gleaner article reported yesterday that the latest Economic and Social Survey found that while there was a 74 per cent increase in the number of calls to Crime Stop last year, over 2016, fewer calls proved helpful to investigations.

Manager of Crime Stop, Prudence Gentles, says both calls made to the entity and those resulting in useful information about criminal activity, increased in 2017.

She agrees with the report that the entity’s success rate had declined in 2017.

But Ms. Gentles says it’s not accurate to say that the quality of tips has decreased.

Ms. Gentles says the money Crime Stop paid out to callers last year was two million dollars compared to just over 600-thousand dollars in 2016.

Ms. Gentles says so far this year, the entity’s successes are already on the rise.

Ms Gentles says so far this year some four-point nine million dollars have been paid out by the entity.


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