Critics Chide Portia for Claremont Tirade

Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller is coming under fire for her threats against some PNP supporters at the meeting in South East St. Ann.

West Portland Member of Parliament, the JLP’s Daryl Vaz, says he’s deeply disappointed in Mrs. Simpson Miller.

In a statement this afternoon, Vaz said Simpson Miller’s verbal attack on her party supporters and the threat to return with reinforcement are troubling.

Mr. Vaz says as a Jamaican, a legislator and a patriot he’s disturbed by the posture of the Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister.

Mr. Vaz says the PNP President should quickly and sincerely tell the country sorry for her despicable comments.

And political commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang, is calling on Opposition Leader and PNP President Portia Simpson-Miller, to clarify the comments she made in Claremont, St Ann on Wednesday night.

He says her statements could be taken as a threat of violence.

He says many people find Ms. Simpson Miller’s statements disturbing.

Meanwhile, Mr. O’Brien Chang says leadership in the PNP has deteriorated during Mrs. Simpson Miller’s tenure.