Cuba at a Crossroads: Major Decisions for Diaz-Canel

Political Scientist and UWI Professor, Rupert Lewis, says Cuba’s incoming President, Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez, faces a major decision about the direction in which he wants to lead the communist island.

Cuba’s government today nominated Mr. Diaz-Canel Bermudez as its sole candidate for president. His elevation will be the first time in 60 years that a Castro will not be leading our closest neighbour to the north.

Mr Diaz-Canel will succeed Raul Castro. He has been Cuba’s Vice President since 2013.

Raul is the brother of the late celebrated Cuban revolutionary, Fidel Castro.

Professor Lewis says today’s nomination of Mr. Diaz Canel is significant.

Professor Lewis says the incoming Diaz Canel presidency does not automatically represent a sharp move away from the Castro-era.

Mr Diaz-Canel is expected to be confirmed by the Cuban National Assembly which has over 6-hundred delegates.

The BBC is reporting that the general public knows little about the 57-year-old Diaz Canel who’s a former engineer. He has reportedly not granted any interviews to foreign news outlets.

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