Dad Wants Son’s Killer to Get LIFE Imprisonment


The father of the 14-year-old Jamaica College student who was stabbed and killed on a bus last week, Xavier Francis, wants his son’s killer to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Nicholas Francis was attacked by a man who tried to rob him, while he was travelling on a coaster bus home from school.

Quarcie Hart — who on Saturday turned himself in to the police — has since been charged with murder.

There’s been much public outrage since last week, when news came of the deadly knife attack. Not only was Nicholas stabbed, but his attacker reportedly threw him off the bus and broke his arm..

Many, including the Education Minister, Ruel Reid, have expressed anger at the incident. At a peaceful demonstration this morning at the gates of Jamaica College, that anger was palpable.

Scores of students from a number of high schools including Mona High and Kingston College turned out to protest violence against children. Some were bearing placards.

Nicholas’ mother — who donned her son’s school shirt — wailed openly. She had to be supported by her family and others who were present. Xavier Francis wants Nicholas’ killer to be sentenced to life in prison.

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Minister Reid, the Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon-Harrison, clergymen, and Member of Parliament for Eastern St. Andrew, Fayval Williams, were among those who joined the demonstration.

Former Youth Minister, Lisa Hanna, also attended. Like many others, she wore black.

Ms. Hanna is calling for swift justice.

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And, while there’s been criticism for the people who were on the bus and didn’t help Nicholas, Mr. Francis says the only person he blames, is his son’s attacker.

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