Dayton’s Eyes Set on PNP Region 1 Chair


Member of Parliament for North West St. Ann, the PNP’s Dr. Dayton Campbell, says he’ll be seeking to replace Lisa Hanna as Chairman of the party’s Region 1.

Region 1 covers the parishes of St. Ann and Trelawny. He says he recently rejected a proposal from party delegates to contest the pending Vice-Presidential elections in the party.

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Dr. Campbell says his decision to seek to become Chairman of Region 1 was influenced by the need for the party to reclaim a number of seats that it lost in the February 25 General Election.

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Campbell says his immediate priorities include establishing a consensual approach to decision making in the region.

PNP delegates in the region are to vote for a new chairman next month. The current chair of the region Lisa Hanna has indicated that she’ll not be seeking re-election.

Miss Hanna was this week nominated to contest a Vice-Presidential post in the party.