#DeadBabiesScandal Deepens: Did 38 Babies Die In 2013?

The dead babies scandal engulfing the Health Ministry and the Simpson-Miller administration, is deepening.

Three mothers have come forward to allege that they were told by medical personnel that the deadly Klebisilla bacteria killed at least 38-babies at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in downtown Kingston over a two month period in 2013.

Those alleged deaths, in June and July of that year, have not previously been made public.

However, the Victoria Jubilee, while admitting publicly for the first time that there was an infectious outbreak in 2013, is denying that so many babies died there as a result of the klebisiella infections.

On Tuesday, the Health Ministry confirmed that between June and October this year, 18-babies died at the Cornwall Regional and University Hospitals, due to the Serratia and Klebsiella bacteria.

Senior medical personnel have been telling our news center that a bacteria outbreak at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital killed a number of babies in 2013.

Today a mother came forward and delivered troubling news.

The mother says in 2013, her daughter was born premature and was admitted to the hospital for approximately eight weeks.

She says the nursery at Victoria Jubilee was shut down when babies began to die suddenly.

According to the mother, medical personnel told her that the shutdown was due to an outbreak of bacteria.

The mother says her premature child survived and is doing well.

But she says nurses told her a number of babies who appeared to be doing well, only to then die suddenly, were affected by the bacteria outbreak.

The woman says even babies who were moved to a ward housing infants who were about to be sent home, died suddenly.

The mother, who did not want her identity to be revealed says she made a number of friends during her over eight weeks at Victoria Jubilee Hospital.

She says a number of babies belonging to her friends succumbed to the bacteria.

The mother says she’ll not forget the pain caused by the deadly bacteria outbreak at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in June and July of 2013.

10 calls placed this afternoon to Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson were not answered.

8 calls placed to Permanent Secretary Dr. Kevin Harvey and CEO of the Victoria Jubilee Hospital Beulah Stephens were not answered or returned.

Meanwhile,  the Senior Medical Officer at the Victoria Jubilee, Dr. Orville Morgan, is denying that 38-babies died during an infection outbreak at the institution in 2013.

Dr. Morgan says there was an outbreak but only six babies died.

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Dr. Morgan says he cannot say what infection affected Victoria Jubilee in 2013.

But he says he’s certain there weren’t many fatalities.

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Dr. Orville Morgan, Senior Medical Officer at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital.