DEATH SQUAD TRIAL: Chilling Testimony of System of Unlawful Killings

INDECOM Assistant Commissioner, Hamish Campbell, says in a recorded interview in 2013, Police Constable, Collis Chucky Brown, told the oversight body about a conspiracy between a then senior member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and a special police team to use high-powered guns to kill people unlawfully.

Assistant Commissioner Campbell says Constable Brown said between 2009 and 2012, the Police special team and their colleagues from the Clarendon Criminal Investigation Branch, CIB also conspired and planted guns on people who were unlawfully killed by them.

The INDECOM Assistant Commissioner gave the stunning testimony this morning in the Home Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston.

Assistant Commissioner Campbell told Prosecutor, Queen’s Counsel Caroline Hay, that Constable Brown agreed to do an interview with INDECOM on August 10, 2013. He says during that interview Constable Brown admitted that a year earlier, he Brown, and another Policeman, had unlawfully shot and killed two men, Andrew Ferron and Dwayne Douglas, in an area of Clarendon known as Swansea.

The INDECOM Assistant Commissioner says in a videotaped interview Brown also admitted that in 2009 he killed a man known as Gutty. Assistant Commissioner Campbell told Mrs. Hay that Chucky Brown said the killings were done as part of his duty as a member of the special police team.

The Assistant Commissioner told the court that Brown said a member of the Police High Command, who in 2009, was the commanding officer for Clarendon, gave members of the special team M-16 weapons and handguns to carry out what Campbell described as “completely unlawful killings”.

Assistant Commissioner Campbell says the Constable told INDECOM that in breach of JCF policy, members of the special team were allowed to carry home the high powered weapons.

The INDECOM Assistant Commissioner told the Court that Constable Brown said the special Police team initially began operating undercover by not wearing uniforms when they carried out the unlawful killings.

But according to Campbell, Constable Brown confessed on tape that the special team began wearing uniforms because there’d been some suspicion that the under cover killings were being carried out by the Police.

Campbell says Constable Brown says the same member of the Police High Command who headed the Clarendon Division in 2009 decided that uniforms should be worn.

Assistant Commissioner Campbell says Constable Brown bared his soul and told INDECOM that after the unlawful killings were carried out, triggermen in the Police special squad would meet members of the Clarendon CIB and conspire to tell lies about the circumstances in which they killed people. This, in order to make sure that statements given about the killings did not contradict.

The senior INDECOM officer testified that Constable Brown told him that the CIB also issued illegal guns to the special team to plant on people who they killed unlawfully.

Assistant Commissioner Campbell told the Home Circuit Court that Constable Brown disclosed to INDECOM the name of all members of the special Police squad.state

Nationwide News has not named the then heads of the Clarendon Police and the CIB during the years allegedly mentioned by Constable Brown because presiding Judge, Vivienne Harris, has ordered that the names of retired or past JCF members should not be published by the media during the coverage of the trial.

Justice Harris had said that she will find media who do not comply with her order in contempt of court.


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