• Detective Corporal Kevin Adams and Constable Jerome White are on trial for the 2012 murder of Mr. Trought on First Street, Terrier Town in Race Track, Clarendon.

‘Death Squad Trial’: Witness Breaks Down In Tears Recounting The Moment Police Murdered His Friend


The first witness in another of the so-called Police ‘death squad’ murder trials says he saw one of the accused policemen shoot and kill his friend, Anthony Trought.

Detective Corporal Kevin Adams and Constable Jerome White are on trial for the 2012 murder of Mr. Trought on First Street, Terrier Town in Race Track, Clarendon.

The trial started in the Home Circuit Court this week.

Tauna Thomas reports.

When the trial proceedings adjourned on Tuesday, the witness was telling the court that Adams, White and four other policemen sped into the community on the afternoon of February 13, 2012.

He says the Policemen had just seen Mr. Trought and a friend entering the community in a vehicle.

He says when the Policemen arrived Mr. Trought and his friend held their hands up.

The witness, who said he was close by, told the court that Adams and White, with guns in hand, approached Mr. Trought and his friend and had a brief conversation.

The witness said he could hear Mr. Trought telling the policemen, ‘Si mi here, ah heard yuh looking for mi, what happened? Take me in’.

According to the witness, the two policemen then moved away from Mr. Trought and his friend and walked towards the vehicles they had arrived in.

The witness then testified that after Adams got to the Hilux service vehicle, he raised his right hand and fired two shots.

He told the court Adams shot Mr. Trought who he called Toby.

He said Toby fell to the ground while his friend ran.

The witness said White was standing by Adams when the shots were fired.

The witness also said two of the other policemen on the scene then fired several shots in the direction of a cemetery located behind Toby’s house while standing next to his body.

He said they then picked up Toby and brought him towards the service vehicle.

According to the witness, the policemen placed Toby’s body in the back of the Hilux van and drove off.

The witness told the court that he then ran to the hospital using a shortcut.

On his arrival, he said he saw Toby in the back of the Hilux van but didn’t see any of the policemen.

At this juncture, Defence attorney, Queen’s Counsel Valerie Neita Robertson, who’s representing Adams raised an objection.

She cited that this aspect of the witness’ evidence wasn’t reflected in his statements.

The emotional witness subsequently broke down into tears and blurted out…”The man kill mi fren fi no reason inuh”.

The defence attorney in a hush tone responded by saying the witness was putting on an act.

The emotional reaction of the witness led to an abrupt 30-minute adjournment of the matter.

Meanwhile…when the trial resumed, defence attorney Valerie Neita Robertson cross-examined the witness.

She questioned him about a long list of drug offences he was convicted for in different parts of the world, including the US, Guyana and Puerto Rico.

She also questioned the witness about whether he, Toby and another man were involved in the drugs-for-guns-trade.

The witness denied being involved in the illicit activity.

However, he did admit to being convicted for the possession of ganja several times.

On one occasion in 2017, the witness admitted to being caught on a boat in Montego Bay with 6 tonnes of ganja destined for Guyana.

Mrs. Neita Robertson also sought to suggest to the witness that he made no mention of Adams or White in his first statement.

However, the witness disagreed.

He says in his statement, he mentioned Adams’ alias ‘Addi’.

The defence attorney again suggested to the witness that he didn’t.

The witness responded by telling Mrs. Neita Robertson to follow his statement because he wasn’t stupid.

The cross examination of the witness is expected to continue at 10:00 this morning.

In 2018, Tauna won the UNICEF Media Award for Excellence in Reporting on Children’s Rights. She graduated from CARIMAC in 2015 and joined NNN in 2016. Since then, she’s covered several high-profile court cases including the X6 murder trial, the police death squad trial and is currently covering the Uchence Wilson Gang trial. Thomas is the Producer of Talking History heard on Nationwide Radio every Saturday.

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