‘Death Squad’ Witness Admits Wrongful ID of Cop


A civilian witness admitted in the Supreme Court, this afternoon that he wrongly identified at least one of the defendants in the murder trial of three alleged members of the so-called Clarendon based Death Squad.

Detective Corporal Kevin Adams, District Constable Carl Bucknor and Constable Howard Brown, are being tried for the murder of Andrew Bissoon in Hayes Clarendon in 2011.

In cross examinations today, defenCe attorneys, Queen’s Counsel, Valerie Neita-Robertson, Kenneth Churchill Neita and Dwight Reece, all accused the witness of being a liar.

Yesterday, when asked if the policemen who were last seen with Bissoon before he died, were in the courtroom the witness identified the three men on trial. He said he knew Detective Corporal Adams as Collis ‘Chucky’ Brown.

The witness went on to identify Constable Howard Brown as ‘Gaza’ and District Constable Bucknor as ‘Addi’.

In one of the witness’ statements to the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, the witness described Gaza as a tall, slim man of brown complexion with ‘puss eyes’.

According to the witness when the shooting was done he heard Gaza on the phone telling someone:

‘yea mon, we kill the boy mon’

‘The boy fire two shot off a we and we tek a 38 offa him.’

But when the witness was asked if the man he described as Gaza in his statement was in the court room, he said no.

The witness gave four descriptions of police personnel to INDECOM in his first statement.

It was revealed none of those descriptions matched any of the men on trial.

At this point Mr. Reece – who’s representing Constable Howard Brown – put it to the witness that he was ‘a stranger to the truth’.

Earlier, Mr. Churchill Neita – who’s representing District Constable Carl Bucknor, accused the witness of being a ‘chronic and habitual’ liar.

The witness strongly denied the accusation.

Meawwhile, there was drama in the court earlier in the day when Queen’s Counsel Neita-Robertson brought a man into the courtroom who she says is the mechanic who the witness claimed fixed his car.

She said the mechanic admitted to INDECOM in the presence of the witness that he was not at the crime scene.

This despite the witness placing him there.

The trial continues tomorrow morning at 10.