#DeathSquadTrial Update

The main witness in the first of the so-called police ‘death squad’ murder trials today denied suggestions that he’s being financially supported by the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

The witness was responding to questions by defence attorney, Vincent Wellesley, who represents accused police Constable, Rohan Morrison.

Morrison and fellow Constable Collis ‘Chucky’ Brown are accused of murder and wounding with intent in connection with an incident in February 2010 where the witness was shot and injured.

Another man was also fatally shot during that incident. Both constables were charged by INDECOM.

During his cross examination of the witness, defence attorney, Vincent Wellesley, suggested to the witness that he was being financially supported by INDECOM since 2014.

Mr. Wellesley said “INDECOM a mind Yuh.”

He further suggested to the witness that he was giving evidence against the two accused constables because of a promise he made to INDECOM.

But the witness responded that his mother and father were the ones supporting him financially since 2014; the year he says he started finding it difficult to get a job.

He also denied Mr. Wellesley’s suggestion that he met with INDECOM and conspired to tell lies.

The witness was questioned further about his relationship with INDECOM.

Mr. Wellesley asked him if he was instructed by INDECOM to give evidence against the constables.

He was also asked if he gave a statement to INDECOM officers in Manchester and Kingston.

He answered no to both questions.

Attorney Norman Godfrey, who’s representing Constable Collis ‘Chucky’ Brown also concluded his cross-examination of the witness today.

Mr.Godfrey suggested that the witness was an extortionist and ‘top man’ in Clarendon.

The witness sought clarification as to what Mr.Godfrey meant by top man.

He responded that the witness was ‘one a dem who run tings in the area.’

But the witness denied those suggestions.

He also denied the attorney’s suggestions that he would collect extortion money from the workers and owner of a garage in Love Lane, Clarendon.

The witness was asked if he visited the garage on the day he was shot to collect extortion money. He said no.

It was again suggested to the witness that he and his cronies extorted persons in the May Pen bus park.

But he denied extorting anyone.

Meanwhile, Mr.Godfrey suggested that on the day he was shot in February, 2010, the witness was walking with a group of men.

But the witness said he was walking alone.

Yesterday, the witness said while walking he was accosted by men in a Toyota Probox motorcar.

He said the two accused constables emerged from the vehicle and pointed what he described as ‘long guns’ at him.

According to the witness, shortly after Constable Brown opened fire at him.

But today, Mr Godfrey suggested that the witness and friends had opened fire at the police first, resulting in a shoot out between the two groups.

The witness denied the claim. Both attorneys of the accused constables concluded their cross examination today.

During re-examination by the prosecution, the witness also said a third person fitting an Indian ethnicity was in the Probox motorcar.

A new witness will take the stand tomorrow.