Denbigh Show Organisers Get Clearance from Clarendon Health Dpt

The Clarendon Health Department says it’s satisfied all health requirements have been met at the Denbigh show ground in the parish.

Last month, the department had raised several concerns about the state of the grounds to host the event. The department gave its approval for the grounds during a Jamaica Agricultural Society, JAS, meeting on Tuesday.

President of JAS, Norman Grant says the department says the show ground is compliant with the public regulations and suitable for the event. This, based on their inspections over the past five weeks.

A number of major areas of public significance have been addressed. Mr. Grant says the sewage disposal systems were emptied and all defects corrected.

All mosquito breeding sites have been destroyed and there’s ongoing vector control by the Clarendon Health Department. He says on July 13, the Association also held Denbigh’s first Onsite Food Handlers Clinic with over 30 food vendors and exhibitors certified.

Mr. Grant says the food court has also been fitted with environmentally safe liquid waste disposal systems.

The Association which has taken over 15 measures to address health concerns among other things ahead of the show, says major drains have also been cleaned and all blockages removed.

JAS says it has done significant work with the help of the health department and other stakeholders to transform the grounds.

The annual agricultural show will be held in May Pen, Clarendon next weekend.