Did D’Aguilar Lie?

A resident of Tivoli Gardens, Sharon Warren, testified yesterday at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry that Chairman of the Tivoli Committee, Lloyd D’Aguilar, fabricated aspects of her witness statement.

She was being cross-examined concerning her motive for leaving her three-month-old child to assist injured civilians during the 2010 operation to capture Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

Ms. Warren ran into complications with her statement while being questioned about a resident identified as Rosie who had been shot.

She was being cross examined by the attorney representing the Jamaica Defence Force, Linton Gordon.

While being probed about an account she’d given concerning the shooting of a resident known as Lion King, Ms. Warren told the enquiry, that Mr. D’Aguliar may have written her statement from his own perspective.

Sharon Warren, a resident of Tivoli Gardens and before her Valerie Neita Robertson, attorney for the Jamaica Constabulary Force.