Did a Jamaican Wanted Man Escape to Cayman in Drug Canoe?


Investigations are underway to determine whether one of Westmoreland’s most wanted men who was arrested in the Cayman Islands got there via a ‘drug canoe’.

O’Brian Ellis was arrested in Cayman last Friday during that the police say was a drug bust.

The Cayman authorities say several packages of marijuana concealed in various locations were seized during the operation in which Ellis was arrested. He’s to appear in court in Cayman this morning.

Ellis was arrested on suspicion of illegal landing and possession of marijuana during a drug raid.

A journalist with Radio Cayman, Andrel Harris, says it’s likely that Ellis got to the island by boat.

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O’Brian Ellis, otherwise known as ‘Joe Grine’, is wanted for murder and arson in Jamaica. He’s been on the police radar since February of this year.

Head of the Westmoreland police, Superintendent Lanford Salmon, says O’Brian is wanted for the killing of his brother.

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Superintendent Lanford Salmon was speaking on Nationwide@5 last evening. Ellis is expected to be deported to Jamaica in the coming weeks.