Digicel Boss Warns of Impact of Online Advertising Model on Traditional Media

Digicel Group Chairman, Denis O’Brien, says politicians should realise democracy would become seriously fragile if traditional media should go out of business.

This he says if all that’s available is fake news.

Mr. O’Brien was highlighting the impact that the online advertising funded model of internet providers is having on traditional media.

He was addressing regulators from more than 60 countries at the recently concluded 17th Global Symposium for Regulators in the Bahamas.

Mr. O’Brien says as part of any ‘new deal’, all network providers, whether they’re telecoms operators or anyone else, need to be given a revenue share from advertising.

He says they also need Over-The-Top, OTT, services so they can fund broadband networks in the most rural parts of Africa, the CALA region and South East Asia.

He urged policy makers to “do the right thing.”