Digicel Labels FCC Net Neutrality Rollback as ‘Victory for Telecoms’

Telecommunications giant, Digicel is describing the recent move by the FCC in the US to roll back net neutrality regulation as a “victory for telecoms, consumers and economies”.

Digicel is urging Caribbean regulators to take note of the decision “…and not simply apply a blanket one size fits all approach in their markets.”

In a release issued on Thursday, Digicel said it supports an open internet but the strict approach to net neutrality previously adopted in the US favoured the interests of the large Internet companies like Google and Facebook, while stifling innovation and seriously hampering the telecoms companies who provide and pay for the Internet networks.

It says the new approach now being put forward by the FCC recognises that micro-managing the internet leads to reduced investment in broadband networks and creates unnecessary red tape and uncertainty for investors.

In welcoming the move by the FCC in the US, CEO for Digicel Caribbean and Central America, Vanessa Slowey, said “It’s a case of horses for courses rather than one size fits all. This is a victory for telecoms, consumers and economies.”

“It’s only with this tailored and considered regulatory approach that infrastructure providers like Digicel can continue to invest with certainty in our networks and in turn help to propel the knowledge economy in the region. We would urge regulators across the Caribbean to take note of the developments in the US and would welcome a debate about desired policy outcomes for the region such as expanding broadband access before imposing restrictive regulations,” she said.