‘Disband Mobile Reserve’ – Shields


Former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mark Shields, is calling for the Mobile Reserve unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, to be disbanded and replaced with a Special Weapons And Tactics, SWAT, team.

The Mobile Reserve came in for heavy criticism in the recently published West Kingston Commission of Enquiry report regarding the security forces operation in 2010.

Commission Chairman, Sir David Simmons and his team, recommended that Assistant Commissioner, Winchroy Buhdoo, who headed the Mobile Reserve in 2010 never again be allowed to take part in internal security forces operation.

During the enquiry JDF personnel testified that members of the Mobile Reserve unit had murdered several young men in Tivoli Gardens.

Yesterday, INDECOM Chairman, Terrence Williams, recommended that the JDF take control of the unit.

But former Deputy Commissioner, Mark Shields, say there’s another option. He says the over 1-thousand strong Mobile Reserve should be replaced with a highly trained SWAT team.

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Mr. Shield, who’s an ex-Scotland Yard investigator, says the Mobile Reserve concept is outdated.

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Our news center understands that several officers of Mobile Reserve have been implicated in INDECOM’s ‘so-called’ death squad probe.

Mr. Shields says he’s convinced the Mobile Reserve should be disbanded and steps taken to hold the new SWAT team accountable.

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Shields was speaking with our news center today.

And INDECOM Commissioner, Terrence Williams, says changes in the system and practices of the Mobile Reserve can only come with a change of leadership.

He suggested last week that officers of the Jamaica Defence Force, JDF, replace the officers of Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, as head of the island’s Mobile Reserve.

Commissioner Williams says the proposal to have the JCF officers removed was made because of a number of breaches in management.

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