Disbarred Lawyer Arlean Beckford Granted Bail


Disbarred Attorney-at-law Arlean Beckford, who’s been charged for Obtaining Money by Means of False Pretence, has been granted bail.

Ms. Beckford was granted bail when she appeared in the Trelawny Parish court on what’s now her second fraud matter.

While making the bail application, her attorney, Michael Williams, told Presiding parish judge Maxine Ellis that his client was ill.

Ms. Beckford was granted bail with the condition that she report to the Wakefield Police station every Monday.

The Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, MOCA, arrested Beckford last Thursday.

According to MOCA, between March and April 2018, the complainant met and spoke with a woman only known to him as ‘Celina’ who stated that she was a Sales Clerk for Integrated Trade and Service Solutions.

The company is owned by Ms. Beckford.

The complainant expressed his desire to purchase one of the houses that Celina had for sale.

He was told by Celina that he would need to make a deposit of 20-percent of the total cost and he agreed.

A sum of 2-million dollars was subsequently paid over to Celina by way of a manager’s cheque, to the account of Integrated Trade and Service Solutions.

However, the complainant became suspicious when he was unable to make contact with Celina months later.

The matter was then reported to MOCA and after further investigations; it was revealed that Ms. Beckford was connected.

It was also revealed that she was before the courts for a similar charge.

She was contacted and a question and answer session held in the presence of her attorney.

MOCA says during the session, Ms. Beckford could not give a reasonable account of the money that was deposited in her business account.

She was arrested and charged.

She’s scheduled to return to court on Monday, November 11.

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