Disgruntled Employees Win Nearly Four Times as Many Cases at IDT

Over the last three years, disgruntled employees have won almost 4 times as many cases brought before the Industrial Disputes Tribunal, IDT, when compared to employers.

That’s according to a review of cases heard by the tribunal between 2016 and 2018.

Over the three year period, the IDT adjudicated 115 cases. Of that number, employees have won 46 per cent of the cases heard by the tribunal.

Over the same period, employers have found favour with the IDT only 12 per cent of the time. The other matters have either been settled or withdrawn. The IDT is the final adjudicator on labour disputes in Jamaica.

Two weeks ago, the government revealed it settled with the former Human Resources Manager at Petrojam, Yolande Ramharrack, instead of facing the IDT.

The Government decided against pursuing the matter despite what they say were credible grounds for dismissal.

Mrs. Ramharrack was eventually awarded more than $13-million in a severance deal that jolted the country. She took home more than 4-million dollars after deductions.

That has since thrust the IDT into the spotlight, with many business owners expressing their fear of taking matters to the tribunal.

The statistics over the past three years suggest those fears are real. Since 2016, the IDT has heard 115 cases. Of that number, the employees have been heavily favoured in decisions versus employers.

Over the last three years, the IDT has ruled in employees’ favour in 52 matters brought to the tribunal. That’s the equivalent of a 46-per cent success rate for employees.

In one of those cases, Vanguard Security Limited and Roshane Duffus, the employee won the matter, despite admitting to wrongdoing. It was revealed during the hearing that Vanguard Security, didn’t have the employee sign his charge sheet. It was also revealed the security company didn’t deliver the termination papers for the employee to the address listed on his file.

The IDT found that it’s possible the employee neither knew of his infraction nor was informed of his termination in awarding him a settlement.

Employers received favourable decisions from the IDT in only 14 matters. That’s the equivalent of a 12 percent success rate in decisions handed down by the IDT, over the three year period under review.

Over the period, Unions have also found success with the Tribunal. Since 2016, Unions have been before the IDT on seven occasions.

On only one occasion did the Tribunal rule against a trade union. In 2016, the University and Allied Workers Union, UAWU, brought Noranda Bauxite Company before the Tribunal seeking, to have a Productivity Incentive Scheme implemented. The IDT ruled in favour of Noranda.

On another occasion, the Union representing Petrojam workers settled with Petrojam. The union was seeking a wage increase. Over the three year period only 1 matter brought before the IDT was withdrawn by the complainant.

An additional 43 matters were settled before the IDT completed hearings into the cases. This accounts for 36-per cent of cases heard by the IDT over the period. Of the settlements, the IDT helped a disgruntled employee reach a mutual agreement with an employer through the tribunal.


William Mitchell is a sports-fanatic turned journalist. He graduated from CARIMAC in 2016. He interned at the Jamaica Gleaner covering sports and joined NNN in 2017. Mitchell covers crime for Nationwide. He’s been to every single zone of special operations across the island.

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  1. Rohshane Duffus

    My name is Rohshane Duffus, I just saw this blog, I did not admit to any wrong, in fact am willing to give an interview, the reason that brough me to IDT, was due to the fact that i was sent home from my job, there was no charge against me over the time they place them on the case file my lawyer can assure the validity of that information, i was sent home in 2013 and the award was given in november 2018, i was only award 12 weeks pay which until now i have not recieve, so that is not entirely true ( that blog about me) my # 1(876)781-8313
    Email address : heavengatesministry@gmail.com


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