‘Dismantle Garrisons Now!’ – WKgnCOE Report

The Sir David Simmons-led Commission of Enquiry has recommended that Jamaica take steps to dismantle the garrison phenomenon which has plagued the country for decades.

the push by the security forces in 2010 into the West Kingston-base of former Tivoli Gardens don Christopher Dudus Coke resulted in extensive bloodshed.

Despite his allegiance to the JLP, Coke was said to have wielded tremendous power in several constituencies which are loyal to the PNP.

Justice Minister Chuck told Parliament this afternoon that Sir David Simmons and his team report that the events of West Kingston in 2010 have made it clear that it’s time for Jamaica to end the phenomenon of garrison politics.

Mr. Chuck says the report will be troubling to many.

Nationwide News told the country yesterday that the Commissioners have recommended prompt compensation and a statement of apology among others.

Mr. Chuck says a committee of Cabinet has been asked to consider the report.

And the Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting, says the findings of the Enquiry will require a number of amendments of the Defense Act which governs the Jamaica Defense Force, JDF.

Mr. Bunting says the Opposition will support the Government in ensuring that the recommendations are realized.