“Do More than Lip Service” – Christie to Holness


Former Contractor General, Greg Christie says Prime Minister Andrew Holness must ensure that he doesn’t just pay lip service to the issue of fighting corruption.

Writing on Twitter, Mr. Christie says a Prime Minister who’s courageous enough to take a strong stand against corruption will get the support of the Jamaican people.

He says the country needs powerful new laws to force private sector entities to discourage the bribery of public officials by their officers and employees.

Mr. Christie says Jamaica, which is perceived to be highly corrupt, has jailed only two corrupt senior public officials in the past 53 years.

This he says, cannot continue.

According to the former Contractor General, if Jamaica is serious about choking off corruption at its neck, then a minimum prison sentence must be prescribed for the offence.

This he says must be underpinned by a strong and independent single anti-corruption agency which will dispassionately bring the corrupt to justice.