‘Douglas’ Decision Shows PNP’s Yet To Recover from Bruising Presidential Race’ – Political Commentator


Political Commentator Nadeen Spence says the decision by former PNP Councilor, Kari Douglas, to cross the floor and join the governing JLP yesterday shows the party is yet to unify after a very bruising PNP presidential race last September.

Ms Spence says she’s anticipating an intense General Election between the PNP and the JLP.

Nadeen Spence, Political Commentator.

Meanwhile, Political Commentator, Jaevion Nelson, says the decision by the Douglas who represents the Trafalgar Division in the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation, KSAMC, should be a wake up call for the PNP.

Jaevion Nelson, Political Commentator.

And…another Political Commentator, Patrick Bailey, says Douglas’ switch of political allegiance serves as evidence that the ‘die-hard’ political culture is meeting its demise.

Patrick Bailey, Political Commentator.

They were speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Rodje Malcolm.

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