DPP not Keen on Chuck’s 5yr Proposal


Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewelyn, says it would be unreasonable for cases that have not gone to trial after five years to be thrown out.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck made the recommendation earlier this week. However, Ms. Llewelyn says she could only support the idea for minor matters.

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According to the DPP, the system is severely overburdened and under-resourced.

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Miss Llewelyn says there are several reasons which cause cases to be delayed for lengthy periods.

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Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesman on Justice, Mark Golding, says a suggestion from Portfolio Minister, Delroy Chuck, that judges dispose of cases which have been before the courts for five years or more would amount to an unwelcome intrusion on the justice system.

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Minister Chuck says it’s unfair for an accused person to be going to court for more than five years in pursuit of justice.

He’s calling for protracted cases to be disposed of after five years, unless there are reasonable grounds for the matter to remain on the court list.

But Senator Golding says Minister Chuck should seek to legislate a time limit for the retention of matters on court list.

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Senator Golding says an arbitrary case disposal timeline of five years, could be manipulated by persons charged with major offences before the courts.

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  1. chikV2Ebola

    Mr.Golding had his time at the wicket and did nothing about this.talk shop done time for action !

  2. One Don Eddie

    Golding and the others were a lazy set. The disposal of cases in timely manner is attainable if all involve get up off their butts and do their work, some civil servants in that country too damn lazy.

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