DPP to Decide on D’Aguilar

Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewelyn, will be asked to decide whether human rights advocate and Chairman of the Tivoli Committee, Lloyd D’Aguilar, should be prosecuted for committing a criminal offence.

On Tuesday, a witness who appeared before the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, Minette Lindsay, denied telling Mr. D’Aguilar that she saw a soldier shoot a man in his head.

But that allegation was contained in the statement the Tivoli Committee Chairman had taken from the witness.

This is Lloyd D’Aguilar speaking on Nationwide This Morning on Wednesday attempting to explain what transpired.

Jamaica Defence Force attorney, Linton Gordon today brought Mr. D’Aguilar’s interview on Nationwide radio to the attention of the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

Responding to Commission Chairman, Justice David Simmons, D’Aguilar’s attorney, Michael Williams accepted that his client acted improperly.

Mr. Williams sought to defend his client.

But Justice Simmons said it’s a serious matter and Paula Llewelyn will be asked to consider prosecuting Mr. D’Aguilar.

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One thought on “DPP to Decide on D’Aguilar

  1. Bobby Sharpe

    The police is lying, the soldiers are lying, the lawyers are just hustlers, hustling a tribal political food, in helping their party to win an election & creating the smoke screens to cover crimes committed, the dpp is a crime unto herself…And these CORRUPT elements intend to make a decision on D’Agulliar…How screwed over can our so called JUSTICE SYSTEM get…Jamaica…??? A TARGETED REVOLUTION is a necessity in removing these elements of deception & criminality from the face of our collective earth…!!!

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