Dr. Keith Mitchell’s NNP Secures Landslide Election Victory


Grenada’s incumbent New National Party, NNP, scored a landslide general election victory yesterday at the polls.

The party won all 15 seats in the country’s Parliament.

The NNP led by 71-year-old Dr. Keith Mitchell, won over 33,000 votes while the main Opposition, the National Democratic Congress, won just over 23,000 votes.

The other eight parties, shared the remainder of the votes, one getting as little as 10 votes.

Dr. Mitchell describes the election campaign as ‘the most stress-free period’ he’s experienced during his political career.

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Dr Mitchell says he’s certain he can deliver on programmes aimed at improving the lives of the citizens on Grenada.

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Dr. Keith Mitchell was speaking yesterday on the Grenada Broadcasting Network. He says he’s asking the Governor General to declare today a holiday, to celebrate his party’s victory.

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has congratulated Dr. Mitchell’s party for the landslide victory.

On his Faceook page yesterday, Mr. Holness said Grenada remains in good hands. But back in Grenada, there are mixed reactions to the win. On Facebook, Charmaine DeLisle posted: Remember people you put them back, harder times for Grenadians, come tomorrow.

Another Grenadian, Venisha Joseph posted: He will sell out more passports and the rest of Grenada but God not sleeping. And Thadious Bonaparte posted: NNP all the way.

Dr. Keith Mitchell is the longest serving Prime Minister in Grenada’s history.


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