Draft Reparations Petition Now Complete, says Henry

Member of Parliament for Central Clarendon and Reparations Advocate Mike Henry says a draft petition to take Queen Elizabeth to the Privy Council in demand for reparations is now complete.

The draft petition was completed by Queen’s Council Frank Phipps.

Mr. Henry stated this while speaking at a press conference held by the Centre for Reparations Research on Wednesday at the UWI, Mona campus.

The press conference detailed the revelation that up to 2015 people living in Britain including those from the Diaspora were paying off a $20-million pounds loan. This loan was lent to the government to pay off slave owners for the freedom of those they enslaved.

The payment was completed in the same year former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron visited Jamaica and told citizens to ‘get over slavery.’ Mr Henry has called the pay off ‘a financial crime.’

Mr. Henry says he has been receiving assistance as to how to argue the case in the Privy Council.


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