East Kingston Violence Claims Another Life

A man was shot and killed and another shot and injured in East Kingston Monday morning.

Commander for the Police Area Four, which includes East Kingston, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ronald Anderson says the incident happened on Oliver Road.

ACP Anderson says the police are yet to establish a motive for the killing.

Sections of East Kingston have been experiencing an upsurge in gun violence in the past few weeks. The Police have blamed the upsurge on a gang feud between warring factions in the community. ACP Anderson says the police are meeting to discuss security measures in the division.

Meanwhile, the Peace Management Initiative, PMI, is to turn its attention to the community of Rockfort in East Kingston in another week amid the latest flare up of gang violence.

Executive Director of the PMI, Damian Hutchinson, says there’s an urgent need for intervention.

According to Mr. Hutchinson, the violence has caused some residents to leave the community and others are planning to follow suit.

He says the community requires special attention from the state.