Ebola Action Plan Intact – National Epidemiologist


Principal Medical Officer and National Epidemiologist, Dr. Karen Webster-Kerr says the country’s Ebola action plan remains intact. 

Last week the WHO declared the epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo a public health emergency of international concern.

Dr. Webster-Kerr says Jamaica never abandoned it’s Ebola virus action plan from 2014.

Dr. Karen Webster-Kerr, Principal Medical Officer and National Epidemiologist.

She says while the global alert is necessary the risk outside the African region is very low. 

Meanwhile, Director, Emergency Disaster Management and Special Services, Dr. Nicole Dawkins –Wright says the isolation units will need dedicated staff to function optimally.

Dr. Dawkins-Wright says if there’s a case of Ebola in the country the response mechanism will be triggered. 

She insists staff training has also been ongoing.

Dr. Nicole Dawkins Wright, Director, Emergency Disaster Management and Special Services. 

They were speaking last evening on Nationwide@5 with Cliff Hughes and Kemesha Kelly. 

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