Ebola Scare at Trinidad Airport

There was an Ebola scare at the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad and Tobago yesterday.

This after airport officials in London flagged a Nigerian man travelling on a British Airways flight to the island.

T-and-T’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Colin Furlonge says local health authorities responded and were ready at the airport to swiftly deal with the situation.

Passengers and crew aboard the aircraft were not allowed to disembark, as the man was taken into isolation and examined.

A report in the Trinidad Express newspaper says the man, Sabastina Onwubgeuzie was eventually cleared by a senior doctor.

Dr. Furlonge says the man, who’s married to a Trinidadian woman, arrived in the island for a three week vacation.

He says the man was born in Nigeria and worked at the Port of Spain General Hospital up to four years ago.

The man has been living in Australia, after migrating there three years ago.

Dr. Furlonge says the man was apparently flagged by authorities in London because he was born in the West African state of Nigeria.