Education Minister Joins Call to End Corporal Punishment

Education, Youth and Information Minister, Senator Ruel Reid has joined the call for a shift in culture and an end to corporal punishment in the region.

He was addressing the closing ceremony of the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, ISPCAN Conference 2018 in St James on Wednesday.

The minister also reiterated Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ intention to ban corporal punishment both in schools and the wider society. He says the government will be amending the Education Act and Regulations to put an end to corporal punishment in schools.

And Co-chair of the Conference, Miriam Caranzano says the issue of corporal punishment in Jamaica is cause for concern. She says such a practice must change.

Caranzano who’s a counsellor from Switzerland says while corporal punishment is permitted in Switzerland, it’s prohibited in schools. She says they worked very hard to change the mentality around corporal punishment.

Meanwhile, Childrens’ Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison says the conference highlights areas for growth. She says a working group focused on the Children’s International Rights Index, CHILDEX, shows the Caribbean region has no substantive systematic approaches to tackling corporal punishment.

The four-day conference was held under the theme: Child protection realities within the changing Caribbean and the world.


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