Education Ministry Beefing Up Security at Cumberland High

The Education Ministry is moving to beef up security at Cumberland High School in Portmore, St. Catherine.

Teachers at the school yesterday refused to teach their pupils, protesting a violent attack last Friday on the Principal of the school by a female student.

The third form student reportedly had a fight with the principal, Michael Brydson, after he reprimanded her for using expletives.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Coleridge Minto, is the Director of Safety and Security in Schools.

He was a part of a high-level team from the Education Ministry that met this morning with the principal and staff at Cumberland High.

He says the Ministry is extremely concerned about the incident.

ASP Minto says addressing the lack of a full perimeter fence at the school is high on the Ministry’s agenda.

In the meantime, the Principal of Cumberland High School, Michael Brydson, is dismissing claims that he assaulted the female student.

The student reportedly said both her legs were swollen due to an injury inflicted by Mr. Brydson. She’s also told the media that Mr. Brydson hit her in the face.

Mr. Brydson admits he used a stick to hit the student on Friday afternoon, but only to reprimand her.

But Mr. Brydson says while in the office he heard his car alarm. He says when he went outside he noticed the windshield of his car was smashed.

Mr. Brydson says when he got to the police station, he learned that someone had made a report of assault against him. He says the student is yet to be suspended because she hasn’t returned to school since the incident on Friday.

Mr. Brydson says he’s to meet with the student’s parents on Thursday.

Meanwhile, he says the school has experienced a number of incidents in which students damage cars and other possessions of teachers.