Education Ministry Defends Presentation of PEP Mock Exam Results


Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, is defending his ministry’s decision to combine the standards met and nearly met scores when it presented the mock exam results for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) earlier this year.

His defence follows accusations that he deliberately attempted to mislead the country by masking the poor performance of the students on the mock exam.

Speaking at the Ministry’s Heroes Circle Headquarters this afternoon, Minister Reid says both scores represent a satisfactory level of performance on the part of the students.

Education Minister Ruel Reid, is not backing away from how the results of the June PEP Mock Exam were presented to the country.

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He says the sections used to administer the mock exam represented only approximately 5-per cent of the areas applicable to each subject under PEP. He says the mock exam was deliberately pitched at a high level to ascertain how the students would respond, primarily for internal purposes and for establishing a baseline.

The Education Minister also says the mock assessment was administered on only the Performance Task component of PEP which represents only 20-per cent of the total assessment.

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He says the mock exam was not designed to assess students’ mastery of content but their application of higher order thinking skills.

Minister Reid contends that there was no need to share the results of the mock exam and that this was done in the interest of transparency.

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And Senior Education Officer, Marya Ho Young, outlined how the actual PEP results will be reported.

She says a scaled score rather than a percentage score will be used similarly to the system used by the Caribbean Examinations Council, CXC.

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Mrs. Ho Young says this will result in better consistency.

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Meanwhile, the Education Ministry is also moving to assure the country that placement in high school using PEP will not be different from the system used in the Grade Six Achievement Test, GSAT.

That’s according to Terry-Ann Thomas-Gayle also from the Ministry’s Student Assessment Unit.

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