Education Ministry Dismisses PNP’s Claims of Attempted Sabotage of Keisha Hayle

The Ministry of Education is refuting allegations that it is trying to sabotage the People’s National Party caretaker/candidate for St. Andrew North Western and principal of Padmore Primary Keisha Hayle.

The statement comes after the PNP raised concerns over a school audit planned for Nomination Day today requiring Ms. Hayle’s presence in her capacity as Principal.

However, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Education, Dean-Roy Bernard says there’s no ulterior motive behind the audit.

He says an audit officer assigned to Padmore Primary visited the institution on Friday to verify documents.

However, the school’s principal was not present at the time and the officer arranged to return today to meet with Ms. Hayle to complete the process.

Mr. Bernard says in light of the circumstances of nomination day activities scheduled for today, the audit will be completed without a further meeting with the principal.