Education Ministry Starts Intervention Programme


The Ministry of Education has begun a programme of targeted interventions in 27 schools, which have been identified as needing immediate support due to under performance.

The schools were identified by the National Education Inspectorate earlier this year after an assessment of approximately 150 institutions.

The schools were assessed based on overall academic performance, value added to their respective communities as well as safety and environment.

The intervention is part of a continued programme by the Ministry, to address chronic under-performance in the education system by more direct means.

Twenty-seven schools have been identified by the National Education Inspectorate as being in need of immediate intervention.

Deputy Chief Education Officer in charge of school operations, Dorrett Campbell, says the nine school administrators have already been consulted on how to effect a transformation.

Miss Campbell says the Ministry is careful not to impose anything on the schools.

She says the aim is to achieve transformation through collaboration.

She says these new approaches will be incorporated into each school’s improvement plan, along with the requisite technical support.

Miss Campbell is confident that the interventions will bring about incremental improvement.

Miss Campbell is moving to reassure principals and other school administrators that punitive action against staff at under performing institutions, is not being considered.