Education Ministry Urging School Administrators NOT to Close Without Approval

The Education Ministry is urging administrators not to close school without its approval.

The admonition comes as several school administrators are sending out messages to parents advising them to keep their children at home, due to ongoing industrial action by some teachers.

Education Minister, Ruel Reid, says some administrators are closing schools in contravention of the Ministry’s instructions.

He says the Ministry will continue its contingency plans today.

In a statement to the media last evening, the Education Ministry says 75-percent of the 466 schools it checked yesterday, facilitated classes up to midday.

The Ministry says the remaining 25-percent of schools had classes as usual and dismissed at the regular time.

The Education Ministry also says it will deploy additional personnel to schools today to assist with its contingency plan which includes its regional response teams and personnel from selected tertiary institutions.

Additional support will be provided from the Secondary School Students’ bodies as well as the National Parent and Teachers’ Association.


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