Edward Seaga Hospitalized in the United States


Former Prime Minister, Edward Seaga, has been admitted to hospital in Florida in the United States.

It’s understood that Mr. Seaga is seriously ill. He’s battling a chronic disease.

In 19 days, the former Prime Minister will be 89 years old.

We wish him well.

4 thoughts on “Edward Seaga Hospitalized in the United States

  1. Trevor Williams

    Mr Seaga is practically 89 years old. He has lived well, and he has done well. I do wish him speedy recovery, but if the Good Lord calls him home, one thing is certain, he did make his mark. I would hope also, above everything, that his soul is right with God. Death really means separation of the material from the immaterial. The immaterial goes to heaven or hell, depending on the choice one makes in one’s life time, whereas the material decays. The immaterial cannot decay. It goes to an eternal place to abide until that time when the Big God calls us all to give an account of the time He had given to us.

  2. Evah Gordon

    Politician after politician from both sides of the political dive continues to demonstrate to us that they have no faith in our medical/health system as the slightest health problem they have off the go to foreign. We need to take stock of this as it speaks to the fact that they have no confidence in the healthcare that they have designed for the ordinary citizen.

    1. Geraldine

      That’s a fact, no confidence at all… my 92yr old father was taken to Black River Hospital dehydrated after 4days being lost and confused in the woods . He sat in that ER from 3pm to 11pm without even an IV. After 11 he was admitted and released the next day confused and dehydrated. I flew down, took him to a doctor who started an IV with which he was sent home. Few days later his B/P started fluctuating; changes in general status, I took him to the hospital ; I beg for attention and the young Male Dr commented that people at that age should just die ;in the USA they do too much to preserve life. My father was eventually transferred to a unit with laboured breathing; I ask the nurse if he could have oxygen please and her reply with an attitude that the doctor needs to order same. I waited for the oxygen(I know he is dying) so I look to God and pray that He will take him and don’t let him suffer anymore….yes that’s why Edward Seaga, Manley and all the big cheese that can afford it go foreign when they r sick.

  3. P. Photo

    Edward Seaga was hospitalized, died and buried in Massachusetts besides his father and mother. This was his wish. That is the reason why Andrew Holness was touring the country with a closed casket stating that it was “viewing of the body”


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