Election Alert as PM Summons Comrades to HWT

There’s growing anticipation this evening that Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller will announce the date for the country’s 17th general election since adult suffrage in 1944.

Her governing People’s National Party is this afternoon going into overdrive to mobilize its supporters to attend a mass meeting in Half-Way-Tree Square on Sunday.

It’s believed that Mrs. Simpson-Miller will announce the election date at that meeting.

PNP General Secretary Paul Burke says the meeting will begin at 6:00pm.

Mr. Burke says all supporters are invited to the mass meeting as the PNP is kicking its election machinery into high gear.

In a statement this afternoon, the PNP said Sunday’s mass meeting is the first in a series of national meetings.

On Tuesday, Mr. Burke told our news center that the governing party is pleased with its state of readiness for a General Election.

Members of the PNP’s parliamentary group and officer corps who are overseas have reportedly been told to return to the island for the mass meeting.

Mr. Burke is refusing to comment on whether the Prime Minister will announce the General election date on Sunday.

Meantime … President of the JLP’s affiliate group – Generation 2000, Matthew Samuda is calling on Prime Minister Simpson Miller to announce the date on Sunday.

Mr. Samuda says Prime Minister Simpson Miller’s delay has already cost the country.

Mr. Samuda says the PNP-administration’s apparent indecision regarding the calling of the General Election highlights the need for a fixed election date.

The election is constitutionally due by December this year.

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  1. prizm

    Your father said she would be making an error if she call it now…..Audley said delay it…..Andrew said why the rush when election is constitutionally due December 2016.

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