Elephant Man Considering Legal Action After Viral Video

Dancehall Entertainer, Elephant Man, is reportedly contemplating whether he’ll take legal action against people who circulated a video on social media, which appeared to show him handling an object which resembled a firearm.

His attorney, Christopher Townsend, says his client has been wronged.

On Friday, Elephant Man was released without charge by investigators attached to the police’s Criminal Investigation Branch, CIB.

The Dancehall Artiste was questioned by investigators at the Constant Spring Police Station.

A mansion he owns in Upper St. Andrew was also searched by the Police. Nothing of interest to law enforcement was reportedly found.

The DJ was questioned about a video which went viral on the Internet. A scantily clad woman could be seen in the video brandishing a black and silver coloured object. The woman then handed the object to a man who resembles the Dancehall entertainer.

The Firearm’s Licensing Authority, FLA, commented on the video. The FLA indicated that Elephant Man is not authorized to handle a legal firearm.

Mr. Townsend says his client denies handling either an imitation or a real firearm.


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