Embarrassing Social Media Posts Come Back to Haunt PNP Rep for NW St Andrew

The Opposition PNP is facing embarrassment this morning as controversial social media posts made by its candidate for North West, St. Andrew, Keisha Hayle, are being widely circulated online.

In a Facebook post on January 6 last year, Miss Hayle said PNP President and Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, is not ready for the job and should resign.

She wrote, “Dr. Peter Phillips if you do not have the goods to lead an effective opposition, please step aside and let someone else into the drivers seat”.

A few months later, in August, she again chided Dr. Phillips.

She suggested that Dr. Phillips is falling asleep on the job and that former PNP General Secretary and Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting is her party’s only hope.

Miss Hayle wrote – “Dear Peter Phillips. I just passed Old Hope Road and is only snoring I am hearing Sir. Only a Bunting of hope I am hearing”.

On the weekend, Miss Hayle recieved a stream of both criticism and support from PNP supporters online.

Last night, she moved to cauterize the fallout with another social media post.

The recently installed PNP candidate for North West St. Andrew stated – “seven months ago I made some ‘if comments’ about the comrade leader, he has proven himself to be a strong leader – I have no doubt in my mind now”.

On Saturday PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, announced Miss Hayle as the party’s standard bearer to challenge Dr. Nigel Clarke in the upcoming by-election.

Miss Hayle is the Principal of Padmore Primary in Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn’s West Rural St. Andrew constituency.

She’s credited with turning the school around. and received a Gleaner Honour Award in 2015 for her contribution to education.

Meantime ..its understood that a review is to be carried out today by the Education Ministry’s Regional Department to determine whether Miss Hayle’s activism in representational politics and her remaining a public school Principal are consistent with the education regulations and code of conduct.

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