Environmental Mismanagement Responsible for Increase in Bush Fires, Environmentalist


Environmentalist Peter Espeut says the recent increase in the number of bush fires and the drought currently crippling the country, are the consequences of decades of environmental mismanagement.

Mr. Espeut says the fire in Jack’s Hill, St. Andrew on the weekend is yet another example of the importance of proper environmental management.

Mr. Espeut says the country is now paying the price for the excessive deforestation which has been happening unchecked for several years.

He says although there’s a drought affecting the country, heavy rainfall at this time could be dangerous in areas which recently experienced fires.

Peter on mismanagement July28 2014

Mr. Espeut says those persons living in areas which recently experienced bush fires, could develop respiratory problems.

Espeut on respiratory problems July28 2014

According to Mr. Espeut the country’s needs a culture change where waste disposal is concerned.

Peter on burning everything July28 2014

Lisa Williams for Nationwide News.