Escapee Afraid to Return

A family friend of a prisoner who escaped from the Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine this morning is appealing to the Acting Public Defender Matondo Mukulu for assistance to return him to custody.

The escapee has been identified as 36-year-old Daniel Ralston of Avon Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

Nationwide News was contacted by the family friend of Ralston indicating that he’s willing to turn himself in but needed guidance on how he could return to custody without being harmed.

The family friend explained that they were contacted by Ralston this morning but he would not tell them where he was.

The individual who did not wish to be named, says Mr. Ralston was fearful that if he’s brought back in by the police, he would meet a similar fate to Mario Deane who was beaten to death while in police custody.

According to the family friend, Ralston had been in custody for two years but suffered from epileptic seizures.

A release from the Corporate Communications Unit of the Constabulary Force says Ralston was on charges for illegal possession of firearm and rape.

Its understood that he has had several seizures while being locked up, but does not feel he’s being given the adequate treatment for someone with his condition.

The Acting Public Defender says he has made contact with the family friend and will work to locate Ralston.

In the meantime the police are reminding the public that harbouring a fugitive is a crime.

They say anyone found guilty of such an act will face the full extent of the law.