‘Everything That’s Wrong With Holness Is Right With Peter Bunting’ – Campbell


Peter Bunting’s Rise United Campaign Manager, Dr. Dayton Campbell, is questioning the competence of Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Dr. Campbell says Mr. Bunting does not suffer from the shortcomings he believes are impeding Prime Minister Holness.

Dr. Campbell was speaking at a Rise United Campaign media briefing yesterday.

He’s again arguing that there’re many in the JLP who desire to see Dr. Peter Phillips remain as PNP President  because they believe their party has a better chance of retaining power if the incumbent remains at the helm.

The North West St. Ann MP also says the Bunting leadership challenge has re-energised the base of the PNP.

He argues that Mr. Bunting will effectively communicate what he sees as the failures of the governing JLP.

Dr. Dayton Campbell, Peter Bunting’s Rise United Campaign Manager.

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