EXCLUSIVE: School Boy Richie’s Indictment Documents

Prominent former Jamaican police corporal, Errol Richards is in custody in the United States.

Richards, who’s also called ‘School Boy Richie’, is facing drug related charges.
He was taken into custody by US law enforcement on June 14, 2014.

Nationwide News understands that Richards, 50, was taken into custody by federal police in New York.

He’s facing drug related charges after Police in New York intercepted what’s suspected to be a drug smuggling operation.

It’s understood that law enforcement officials in Jamaica have advised of Richards’ arrest.

Here is the exclusive indictment document obtained by Nationwide News.

The City of New York Department of Correction say Richards remains in custody on suspicion of committing a felony.

Errol Richards, also called School Boy Richie, came to prominence on December 12, 1996.

The he was arrested on a charge of conspiracy to defraud an insurance company of 450-thousand dollars.

Richards was arrested and charged jointly with then Senior Superintendent of Police, Owen Ellington.

In 1998, Ellington who’s now the outgoing Commissioner of Police was freed after a no-case submission was upheld.

Mr. Ellington responded by suing the Government to recover damages for alleged malicious prosecution.

But ‘School Boy’ Richards was found guilty and sentenced to a year in prison.

Subsequent to his release in 1999, Richard went to the United States.

Nationwide News can confirm that Richards is now in jail in New York on drug related charges.