‘Fake Guns’? Holness & Bunting Clash in Parliament

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting, has questioned whether two homemade guns the security forces say they’ve seized in the Mount Salem Zone of Special Operations are real.

This earned him a rebuke from Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, yesterday in the House of Representatives.

Mr. Holness told Mr. Bunting he should not try to diminish the gun find.

Mr. Bunting raised the question in the House as he warned the government against ‘overselling’ its success in the zone of special operations.

He said two homemade guns appeared ‘fake’.

Prime Minister Holness responded, saying the guns are real. He said he’d be willing to have them tested on Mr. Bunting, who’s also the Member of Parliament for Central Manchester.

Mr. Holness says he’ll find out why the weapons were not included in the JCF’s statistics for homemade firearms.