‘Fake News!’ PNP Dismisses JLP Poll Findings

The Opposition Peoples National Party (PNP) is dismissing the findings of a JLP-commissioned poll.

In an interview this afternoon with Nationwide News, PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, described the polls as “fake news” and an attempt at psychological warfare.

And, the Chairman of the PNP, Fitz Jackson, says the party remains ‘quite confident’ that Dr. Alexis will win.

Mr. Jackson says Dr. Alexis’ lack of Jamaican citizenship hasn’t hampered his chances of victory.

The PNP Chairman says the clarification the party has provided regarding Dr. Alexis’s citizenship has helped him.


3 thoughts on “‘Fake News!’ PNP Dismisses JLP Poll Findings

  1. A.L.Smalling

    Eleven days to go and then all noise will be over. A lot of these self imposed prophets will be revealed as nothing but false (fake) prophets.

  2. QC

    The use of the term “fake news” has become fake news. The PNP dropped the ball on this one. The JLP has not done poorly enough for this to be a referendum in this marginal seat. The PNP has limited resources to counter the government spending and promises. The citizenship issue is bound to be a militating factor against their chances.

  3. RasBenjiMassop

    It’s interesting how becoming chairman has relieved Mr. Fitz Jackson of his deserved reputation for commonsense and soundness of thought. He now sounds like every other mouthpiece of the party, no more interesting than their recited dogma.
    One Love!

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