Fears Of All out Gang War Gripping August Town & Surrounding Communities


Fears of an all-out gang war are gripping residents of August Town and its environs in Eastern St. Andrew.

This, after the murder of an 18-year-old man in Hermitage this morning.

He’s Lavern Edwards otherwise called Spooky Edwards of  Hermitage.

He was shot and killed about 10:20 this morning.

Residents warn of potential reprisals as gangs from two sections of August Town appear set to trade bullets.

Edwards is the first person to be shot and killed in August Town and its environs in 2020.

Reports are Edwards was approached by armed men who reportedly opened fire hitting him nine times.

It’s understood a gang affiliated with a well-known don from Hermitage is at odds with a don associated with a gang from Goldsmith Villa.

Goldsmith Villa is often called Gola by the residents of August Town.

The tensions reportedly stem from a 2017 murder.

But there was an escalation since Friday when a person was shot and injured.

Another person was rushed to the hospital two days later following another shooting.

Nationwide News has seen a social media post making death threats against eight people from August Town and its environs.

PNP Caretaker for St. Andrew East, Venesha Phillips, took to social media to raise the spectre of reprisal shootings.

She also pointed out that a murder was committed in a nearby community that may have links to August Town.

The police have committed to maintaining an increased presence in the community.

In the meantime, a curfew imposed in Big Lane, Central Village, St. Catherine has been extended.

The curfew began 6pm on Monday and will remain in effect until 6pm Wednesday, January 22.

The boundaries of the curfew are as follows:

NORTH: Along the Nelson Mandela Highway from Central Way to the entrance of Twickenham Scheme at McNeil Boulevard.

SOUTH: Along the northern bank of the Rio Cobre River from the western border at the end of Board Jungle to the eastern border.

WEST: Along an imaginary line from the Nelson Mandela Highway running along McNeil Boulevard across a dirt track onto Central Road then to the northern bank of the Rio Cobre River at the end of Board Jungle.

And EAST: Along an imaginary line from the Nelson Mandela Highway running along Central Way to the northern bank of the Rio Cobre River.

During the hours of the curfew, all persons within the stipulated boundaries are required to remain within their premises unless authorized in writing by the ground commander.

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