Few Officers Provided Statements Following Tivoli-Operation – Rose


It was revealed this afternoon that of the 100 police personnel from the Mobile Reserve who were deployed in Tivoli Gardens, only 14 provided statements about what happened.

This, as an attorney representing INDECOM, Yanique Taylor, cross-examined ACP Rose.

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As Ms. Taylor continued her cross-examination of ACP Rose, attorney for the JCF, Deborah Martin, objected to her line of questioning.

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However, Commission Chairman, Sir David Simmons, allowed her to continue, saying he didn’t find the questions unfair to the senior police officer.

Ms. Taylor later explained the basis of her questions as Ms. Martin continued to object.

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Yanique Taylor, attorney representing INDECOM at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

Under re-examination by Ms. Martin, ACP Rose said no members of the Mobile Reserve were charged by INDECOM for failing to provide statements.

INDECOM has the power to charge police officers for unlawfully failing to provide statements once it makes a request.

Meanwhile, ACP Rose has now completed his testimony at the Enquiry.